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Zinc Roofing

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Zinc Roofing

Zinc roofing and rainwater goods have been used extensively in continental Europe since the 19th century and now with increased awareness of it's technical and asthetic qualities, it's use is rapidly increasing in the UK and Ireland.

Today's zinc roofing is a zinc-copper-titanium alloy. It has an excellent visual apperrance and long life when installed by a competant zinc roofing contractor. It is maintenance free and has a cost-effectiveness and versatility which enables it to be used for innovative architectural designs.

As a non Ferrous metal, zinc is naturally self protecting. With time (usually 2-5 years) it forms an attractive light grey patina. The patina is created when the zinc metal reacts with water and oxygen to form hydroxyde, then with carbon dioxide to form a layer of hydroxycarbonate. This naturaly occuring patina protects the zinc roofing from corrosion and reforms when accidentally scratched. While the basis of the patina is alkaline zinc carbonate, additional substances are incorporated from the local enviroment . This is why the color of the patina can vary slightly from one place to another. The patination speed can vary between six months and five years, depending on climatic conditions and roof pitch. The more exposure to wetting and drying cycles the quicker the patina will develope.

Zinc roofing can be installed with a patina already formed, this is a factory- induced patina process that most zinc sheet manufactures offer, however, using this pre-patinated finish is more costly then using natural zinc and allowing the patina to form over time.



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